Beauty Appointments – How Going Virtual Can Benefit YOU!
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Beauty Appointments – How Going Virtual Can Benefit YOU!

Beauty Appointments – How Going Virtual Can Benefit YOU!

Why go virtual with your next beauty appointment? 

Root touch ups, sparse lash extensions, stress break outs, and how you look on Zoom might not be some of the most pressing concerns in the world today, but we know they’re on your mind! They’re on ours too!!

We don’t know when Phase 3 will come, and until then, we’re navigating a whole new world when it comes to beauty, and DIY routines have become a real thing. Don’t worry – you’re not alone! We have your back!!

Below we’ve including some information on our top Virtual Consultations and have compiled a list of our favorite topics that we are currently booking with our clients that have gone virtual – maybe you’ll learn a bit about why you might want to go virtual too!

Express Experience – 20 minutes

This is a great option when you have a little window of time and your beauty world isn’t falling down around your ears!

What is this appointment perfect for?

Getting the skin you’ve always wanted + curbing any flare ups 

During this one on one session your skin goals are discussed, and the condition of your skin is analyzed on camera. After your appointment, you are given a customized at home skin care routine, and can redeem half of your consultation fee as a credit toward products you might want to add to your routine! 


Prolonging your next hair-color appointment 

If you opt for a hair focused appointment, expect professional guidance, advice and suggestions on how to blend your outgrown hair color to keep you going until your next salon visit.

Upgrading your makeup routine 

You’ll receive personalized recommendations for your skin tone, get educated on the “clean swaps” for your existing makeup staples, and you’ll learn how to use that one beauty product you’ve been dying for but just aren’t sure how to use the right way!

0 minutes isn’t enough? Do we need to gut your makeup bag, walk you through the perfect blow out to get you through your next week of Zoom’s, or tackle some of your biggest beauty dilemmas? 

Then the Deep Dive is for you.

The Deep Dive – 90 minutes

This appointment isn’t just about getting face to face with your beauty professional, its about getting hands on too!

During this time, you can connect with top makeup artists live and in person, talk through our top

recommendations and watch us swatch the eyeshadow you weren’t quite sure about on a brand’s website. Plus, we’ll pull out our brushes, ask you to pull yours out too and walk you through – step by step – how to make magic come alive by upgrading your personal skill sets!

If you’re bamboozled by which tool is best and which mask to try or have general skin queries around pigmentation, aging acne or under-eye circles and want to be able to treat these AND camoflauge them?! Pick the deep dive! You’ll be paired with the perfect aesthetician to take you through all the ins and outs of your skin and makeup concerns!

Finally, are you a bride who is holding out for her wedding day, but are cutting it so close that a trial run is no longer in the cards? 

Book our virtual bridal consultation. 

Sadly, social distancing makes it impossible for beauty professionals to provide services for hair and makeup, so trials have to be put on hold. But! There is still so much important planning to be done and virtual visits to be scheduled in the meantime.

This experience starts with creating a hair and makeup inspiration board to share with us, along with photos of yourself – and then a zoom consultation is put on your calendar. You’ll have the opportunity to talk about your priorities, your concerns, and we’ll go down a long, and very detailed road, to help you hone in on your best beauty approach for your big day.

Just because we can’t get hands on with you right now doesn’t mean that you can’t have one of your favorite beauty professionals at the tip of your fingers!

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